Halal Hal Festival, Doha. 2014

Doha has been celebrating the arrival of Spring with the Halal Hal festival in Katara, the cultural village. Halal Hal is more like a traditional village with livestock all penned up and traditional fares all around.

Katara charges 200 Riyals (more than $50) for entry into the beach! All and sundry in Doha flock to the Mesaieed beach that is 50 kilometers away.

This young man was willing to pose for me in his usual relaxed way.

You get some strange poses when you go to a carnival.

Looks like you need more angry birds to keep the children calm these days.

Random Pics


Right ahead, Doha, 2013


Catch me if you can, Doha, 2013


Waiting for Juliet, Doha, 2013




Far from the maddening crowd, Doha, 2013


Oh no. Not again!, Doha, 2013


Harding Meyer, 2013


The rehearsal, Doha, 2013

Finding the magic of light – book review

I recently purchased and read the ebook ‘Finding the Magic of Light’ written and published by Thorsten Von Overgaard, a popular Danish photographer and writer. Thorsten is an avid Leica shooter and maintains a popular blog. His website is a compendium of information on Leica gear, especially the M9 and the new M Type-240. When I recently bought my first Leica, the M-E, it was Thorsten’s site I turned to for tips and tricks. If you are passionate about photography, Leica in particular, his website won’t disappoint you. Having been a regular reader of his site for the past few years, I was wondering what he has to write in an ebook that is not on his website. The price is also a bit steep compared to other ebooks and printed material related to photography.

The book is guaranteed to be an ‘aha’ moment in your career collecting photography techniques. Thorsten just takes the key ingredient of photography, namely ‘light’, and explores the aesthetic impact of the same in your photography. Reading the book is guaranteed to improve your photography, unless you are already a master of understanding and managing light.

Highly recommended!

Images from the streets


Kind of evening school, Prague, Summer 2013


Gingerly  dropping a coin, Prague, Summer 2013

The kid was so afraid of the girl in costume, she needed a lot of encouragement from her mom and stepped slowly and dropped a coin gingerly into the till. Once done, she bolted back to her mom.


Before the pond runs dry, Tamilnadu, India, August 2013

Luckily this year the rain Gods have been kind on Tamilnadu, so far. It was heartening to see the streams, canals, rivers and all kind of water reservoirs full of water.


I”m calling the Police!, Munich, Summer 2013


Superman in Budapest, Budapest, Summer 2013

Budapest is a little uptight about its sense of fashion even in the sweltering heat and Superman felt a little out of place. The people in Budapest are so kind in helping the tourists.

Another day, another cat.


There is no dearth of cats in Qatar. If you want to photograph stray cats, the country is a gold mine. Many of them are very cute.


Is it Ladurée? There is already one in Villagio. Another reason to checkout Lagoona soon.