Caught Shooting!

Mo Han

I usually catch Abdulla, my friend, doing funny things or having a ball with other friends. Two days ago it was his turn! I was busy shooting the opening of Harding Meyer’s Portrait exhibition in Katara. Abdulla just showed up and caught me! Not to be outdone, I did catch him later!


Check more of Harding’s portraits and some of my pictures from the exhibition here:

Private Viewing


Private Viewing, Katara, May 2013

Harding Meyer’s portraits were installed today for the grand gala opening of the exhibition tomorrow!! The installation stewards had their own private viewing of some of the most beautiful modern art portraits. Check more of Harding’s work here:

Flowers of Katara


I am not generally terribly excited about flower photography. Sometimes I notice something that strikes as a good composition and I shoot some pictures. Yesterday evening, during a break from a long painting session, was one such occasion when I noticed these flowers in a pleasing arrangement.

It was dark and the Leica G Summilux 25/1.4 is nothing short of magical when used with the Olympus OM-D in these situations. I can’t think of any way to improve this combination. Maybe an even better sensor, something like the Fuji X-Trans?

The Walking Head


The Walking Head, Doha, May 2013

This weekend has been pretty hectic. One of the best experiences of my short art life has been the portrait workshop mentored by Harding Meyer ( My favorite pic from the workshop was that which didn’t involve me painting! This is Harding moving one of his canvases to the opposite wall for installation. If you are living in Doha, please visit the opening night of Harding’s new exhibition ‘Eye to Eye’ in Katara.


The shot that got away!, Katara, May 2013

I, along with Mohammed Muslim, also had the fortune of assisting my friend Abdulla shoot a short film for an upcoming competition. It was hilarious!!

The Harding Meyer Exhibition


Harding Meyer, Doha, May 2013

‘Eye to Eye’, an exhibition of portraits by Harding Meyer is opening in Katara on the 15th of May 2013. When you are in the presence of his portraits, your eyes never lose eye contact with them. Arresting, is an understatement.

As an artist taking part in the portrait painting workshop conducted by Harding (in partnership with Katara), I had the privilege to see his paintings being unloaded and readied for installation. Thanks to Harding for posing for me among his portraits.

You can checkout more about his works online at his Tumblr site here:

Better listen to Khalid!


Khalid says relax, Katara, May 2013

I was passing through the Katara Art Center art store yesterday after finishing Day-2 of Harding Meyer’s portrait painting workshop, and I spotted this T-shirt in the store. I saw a photo opportunity and also noticed that the clear background would accentuate any person standing in front of it. I positioned for a square+rectangle composition and waited for someone to turn up. It didn’t take much long.

Talking of Harding Meyer’s portraits, they exude an eerie presence due to his emphasis on the eyes. Check his work in his Tumblr page here:

Picture of the day


MIA Fountain, Doha, May 2013

It is getting pretty warm (?!) here in Doha and people take solace in the water fountains, wherever they are. With a little bit of a breeze, in the evenings, walking in the vast landing in front of the MIA can be a nice experience. The tiny droplets of water land on you and vanish in just a moment. It is possible, for just a moment, to imagine that you are somewhere else.