Florence Diaries. Day-22.


Today I went on a field-trip to Lucca. Lucca is a walled city, built as a large fortress. It has medieval walls as well as walls pertaining to the Renaissance period that are thicker, mainly to withstand shelling from cannons. Lucca is a cozy town very much like Venice, sans the water. The town center is built on the ruins of an amphitheatre and so is, for a change, circular.


The intensity of tourists is high but not to the stratospheric levels found in Florence. After some time you tend to appreciate cities that have less tourists.


Mobile garden!


The locals somehow get by with the throng of tourists and I guess they appreciate the Euros that are spent by them in the shops.


A antiques fair was in full flow in Lucca as we arrived and a wide range of stuff ranging from complete dinner tables to tiny trinkets were on offer. I have been looking for an old portable typewriter that works. Sadly I couldn’t find any. All of them were large and heavy and the one portable typewriter that was available wasn’t working. It also had Gaelic characters.



Straight out from the walls.



It was a warm and muggy day with no breeze and high temperatures.


Contemplating on a late cup of coffee.

Florence Diaries. Day-20.


The Galleria dell’ Academia is where the famed David by Michaelangelo is displayed in Florence. The museum is also house to a large collection of plaster casts of some of the greatest sculptures in history. A walk in the hall and you’d know the great masters had a good knowledge of the human anatomy.


The pigeons in the streets of Firenze (as any other tourist city) are not afraid of humans and get quite close to people. Children have a great time chasing pigeons.


Nothing like sharing dinner with your loving brother. I once had a kebab with a friend on the streets of Firenze and I vowed never to have a kebab (called shawarma in other parts of the Arabian world) in Firenze. It ranks as the worst food I have had in Italy, ever!


A family enjoying its evening on the pavement playing cards (kinda obvious!).

Florence Diaries. Day-15.


We made the weekend field-trip to Siena and San Gimignano yesterday. If there is one secret destination in Italy that probably is San Ginmignano. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site that should be a must-see on the list of anyone visiting Florence. It’s just 56km away and takes a mere 45 minutes by bus.



Exploring the world

Florence Diaries. Day-14.


The days are running by and can’t believe that almost half of my month-long trip about complete. It’s been a great time and the weather has turned rather nice – with rain the night and bright sunshine with a pleasant temperature in the day time. The International Youth Orchestras are performing in Tuscany this month and today’s performance was brought forward by an hour due to slight rain in the evening. Not all was happy with the decision. I turned up just as the orchestra was winding down.


For a change Piazza San Giovanni was devoid of tourists and the cyclists were having a blast through the near-empty streets and walkways.




The rape of Sabine, Loggia dei Lanzi, Firenze


Tired travelers had to rest their weary feet after reveling at the marvels of the Renaissance.


Playtime!, Piazza Repubblica, Firenze


Mario, mommy’s watching!

Florence Diaries. Day-13.


Broken Bicycle, Firenze, Italy

Another hard day’s work in the darkroom processing a couple of rolls of film that I used to capture images today and enlarging them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a digital day with more pictures posted here.


Florence Diaries. Day-11.


It looks like I am having a bit of an upper-respiratory infection. Looks minor in the sense I am not bed-ridden and writing in pain and fever. Hope to get well in a few days.


Dogs with nappies on the road are cool. This one was having a go at its mate!


The square popularly known as ‘Il Porcelino’ becomes a dense leather-sales arcade in day and a proper square in the night. The St. Lorenzo market is another of this type that is crazy crowded in the day and back to its medieval days at night.


Light and shadows always play tricks in Florence.


Along the Arno

Last week was hot and humid. Luckily the rains turned up the wick and the temperatures dropped to manageable levels. It is now quite cool and sunny in the daytime. Not having to take four showers in a day is quite welcome.


Inside of the SACI Library.

I went to the Mercato Centrale foodcourt for dinner and to watch the FIFA world cup semifinals. The food as usual is first-class here. Luckily the seafood counter had something good – swordfish. What should have been a deserved regulation-time win for Argentina turned to a long 120-minute affair that ended in penalties, which Argentina won. All this because of a wrong offside call by the referee that denied Gonzalo Higuain his goal.

Another long day tomorrow with development and print work. Exciting day, nonetheless.

Florence Diaries. Day-9.


I went for a morning (late morning) walk and Firenze was just waking up to a brand new week. The tourists were just starting to pour in and some of them were anxious to get their money from the Bancomats.


Shooting against the beautiful Tuscan sun was the theme of the morning. You’d never see Piazza San Giovanni this deserted except for Monday mornings.


Piazza San Giovanni, Firenze


Another day, another cleanup!


Maddalena, straight out of Donatello’s studio.


Early morning cleanup before the sun is up.


Not too early for a cigarette.


Too early for a cold beer.


A little bit of morning sun is good for generation of Vitamin D.


I have no idea what she was doing. She didn’t insert a card.

Florence Diaries. Day-8.


A day of weddings.


I again went to the Piazzale Michelangelo with a friend and was flummoxed by the number of Chinese in Florence.


The city at sun down was beautiful as always.


The morning parade of the tourists is a sight to behold.


The harsh summer sun plays hide and seek with the shadows in Florence.


We made a visit to Fiesole (Fiesulaneum – Latin) in the morning and we finally managed to create a ruckus ourselves (got the firepower to attempt to outdo the Italians in fashion).


Summer is a never-ending serenade of weddings (fairytale or not).


Thou shalt not look at St. Marco in the eye!