Neyveli | Chennai | Qatar

St. Paul’s | Madras Medical College | Harvard Business School | Studio Arts Center International (Florence)

Medicine | Photography | Painting



  1. Dear Mo Han It was really nice to see the passion of a person who is doctor by profession but at the same time is an accomplished photographer , so much so that he has worked and discussed art with Indian Picaso , Mr . M F Hussain. great to see ur archives of photographs and the magic you have thrown in black and white.
    mansoor alam
    Navigation Engineer
    Doha International Airport
    Doha Qatar

  2. Hi Mo han,

    This is wonderful. Your story is inspirational as well; it’s awesome to find people who are examples of growth and transformation.

    San Diego, CA

  3. Amazing pics. on your blog. You have captured ideas in interesting compositions….I learnt something.

  4. I love your photos and your blog! I have been following you for a while but thought of you as I just flew through Doha. Unfortunately, I only had a short time there but was fascinated by this beautiful city. I’m definitely going to try and get there again and spend some time!

    1. Please do make a stop next time around. We could have a cuppa! The weather is great from now on until end of March. 🙂

      I am happy you like my pics and blog.

  5. Hello,

    please be Kind enough and contact me per mail. I want to assist you with your M-E Problem, but I’m not able to contact you due to the missing mail-adress

    1. Hi Ashwathi,
      Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for that conversation in the gallery! Please post more pics on your blog. I like to see more.

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